About Us

About Infiniti Security

Since 2010, Infiniti Security provides home security at a affordable price and has provided award-winning security monitoring service to our local and nationwide customers. Our company's sole mission is to make sure we help you protect what matters most. We have a vested interest in delivering the best security possible for your home and business.What started as an idea and dream, has turned into a home security solutions provider protecting homes and families nationwide.  Infiniti Security sucess comes with the help their partners and relationships we have created nationwide!


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We had the vision to offer great security, and home automation all in one. That prompted us to see what options were available. Not finding one that was readily available, we went into business to provide the best security possible with features that helped to create smart solutions for home and business environments. Since opening our doors, Infiniti has NEVER strayed from the path of excellent service and ultimate customer satisfation. Call now to talk with an account specialist to see what Infiniti can do for you.

The Infiniti Security Mission

For more than Seven years, Infiniti Security has been a trusted security solutions for thousands of customers nationwide. Our award winning and innovative Smart Security solutions have helped launch us into the next phase of our company. Our diverse and innovative products and services were established to ensure our customers have the best options for their security needs. Staying with today's mobile lifestyle helps us put monitoring at your fingertips.

Monitor Your Home from ANYWHERE
and anytime you want

With Infiniti Security, you can monitor your home security from where you you have cellular service. Want to see when the children got home? Now you easily can from your office. Forgot to lock the door and set your security system in the morning rush? You can easily do it anytime from anywhere. No more worrying about your homes security when you are not home. See who is at your front door and be able to talk to them from where you are with the built-in speaker. Get notified when someone approaches your door. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our qualified technicians today. Call 1-800-697-1451