#3 Infiniti Security Energy $59.99 Month

#3 Infiniti Security Energy $59.99 Month

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Infiniti Security Energy Plan Starting $59.99


Infiniti Security Energy is a great choice energy efficient plus security protection.  The benefits of this package is to save money on your electric bill by controlling your home with energy efficient schedules on your home.  You can control your lamps, smart and security from anywhere in the world!  It’s easy to install with no need to hard wire or you can choose to have it professionally installed. Our Infiniti Security Energy gives you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home or business. You can place it where you choose to protect access points that most crucial..

Included in the package is the following:

  • Touchscreen Panel
  • 3 Window or Door Sensors
  • 1 Motions
  • Smart Stat
  • 12 Energy Saving Bulbs
  • 1 light appliance module
  • Cellular Basic Connection
  • Interactive Security Mobile Access Alarm.com App
  • Z Wave Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty